Attorney Michael Littman has gone above and beyond for myself and my family. He fights to the very end and his experience in the courtroom is one of a kind!

His skill as a negotiator are unsurpassed, whether with the police or the court.

He is very knowledgeable and capable and knows his way around the courtroom. He has always been available and responsive to our needs.

He is the kind of lawyer you would want to hire if you or a family member ever needed help. He is a real mensch! This is the highest praise that one can give!

I could never thank Mr. Littman enough for everything he did for our family. He knows what he is doing and he fights till the very end. Any time we couldn't see our loved one in jail he made a trip to the jail just to put us at ease.

He's truly an amazing professional. I hope to never use his services again however, I would recommend him to anyone in need of a Criminal Defense Attorney. I've worked for several Criminal Defense attorneys and they were all slime balls. Mr. Littman is straight forward, genuine and a bull dog.

One of Michael Littman’s strength is his ability to perform very different lawyerly functions capably. I have used his services in alcohol/drug related situations as well as real estate matters with excellent results.