Significant Cases

  • Not Guilty verdict Federal Court multi-defendant, multi-kilo cocaine case with client's "confession".
  • Not Guilty verdict South Bay Court in 29 minutes for client accused of pointing a gun from a vehicle at off-duty police officer and his family.
  • Case dismissed before Indictment for client charged with possession and importation of 140 kilograms marijuana.
  • Case dismissed for client charged in Federal Court with transportation of 55 kilograms of marijuana on freeway after motion to suppress evidence granted based on unlawful search.
  • DUI dismissed after suppression motion granted for illegal arrest of client at her home after a reported hit and run accident.
  • DUI with two priors dismissed after evidence ruled inadmissible by Appellate Division of Superior Court for illegal stop of client's vehicle.
  • Jury trial in U.S. District Court in Omaha, Nebraska for client who had $141,000 in U.S. Currency seized from him after being stopped driving on Interstate in Nebraska.
  • Numerous vehicle, currency and house seizure cases.
  • Reported decision: USA v. $141,770.00 In United States Currency, 157 F.3d 600 (8th Cir. 1998).
  • Reported decision resulting in successful appeal reversing District Court's denial of suppression motion for illegal entry and search of client's motel room: USA v. Albrektsen, 157 F.3d 600 (8th Cir. 1998).
  • Jury trial involving complex fraud conspiracy involving over a $500,000 loss to two banks. Although client found guilty was sentenced to probation.

More Recent Cases:

  • Not Guilty jury verdict in two hours for client charged with possessing 150 pounds of marijuana hidden in his truck while crossing the border and agent said he confessed;
  • Case dismissed for client day of preliminary hearing for client charged with possessing three AR-15 assault rifles with obliterated serial numbers that were found in her car;
  • Case dismissed for client day of preliminary hearing as a result of defense investigation for client charged with assault with a deadly weapon ("road rage") based upon faulty eyewitness identification;
  • Won DMV hearing for client facing one year license suspension after arrested and charged with a DUI and refusal to take chemical test;
  • Won DMV hearing for client facing 4 month license suspension for first DUI
  • Case dismissed for client possessing with intent to distribute 3 kilograms methamphetamine and 2 kilograms cocaine after motion to suppress filed and investigation revealed illegality of Officer’s warrantless search of client’s truck.